The size of your need

RBG has broad expertise on M&A transactions and provide advisory services to sellers and investors interested to engage in excellent business with safety, swiftness and confidentiality

RBG’s activities can comprise some or all services indicated below in accordance with the customer’s interest and status in the negotiation process:

  • Support in the identification and approach of potential investors or the target investment company;
  • Opinion on the business valuation criteria (valuation);
  • Guidance on the preparation or analysis of the teaser and/or the information book which will contain the main business terms and conditions and will be disclosed to potential investors;
  • Support in the definition of the strategy to be adopted in the company’s purchase or sale negotiation process, including the selection of the legal scope of the transaction and the corporate and tax planning;
  • Guidance on the coordination of the information to be disclosed to potential buyers or investors;
  • Guidance on the conduction of meetings relating to matters that directly affect the negotiation process, such as discussions of prices, methodology adopted for price determination, payment terms and conditions, evaluation of contingencies, tax and corporate planning, definition of contractual terms and conditions, etc.

More than mergers and acquisitions
In addition to the broad advisory expertise on M&A matters, RBG, whether directly or by means of Associates, offer other related or additional services to the customers, namely:

  • Valuation of investments (valuation);
  • Structuring of financial transactions, including the negotiation of new loans and credit facilities, both for the performance of new investments and settlement of debts;
  • Tax and corporate planning;
  • Due diligence for the assessment of liabilities and contingencies relating to the target company(ies) of the negotiation process;
  • Preparation of contractual instruments and corporate documents necessary for the conclusion of the business.

All qualifications described above allow RBG to support its customers in the highly strategic decision-making process thereby minimizing risks and maximizing results.