Concluded operations

Deals concluded by RBG

RBG started its M&A services in the beverage market, in which it led some of the most relevant operations in Brazil in the past 15 years. Then it moved to other markets, such as construction, government concessions, food industry and retail, education, mining, machinery and equipment, services, franchises, health, labs, etc. Find below some of the M&A transactions already concluded by RBG, in the capacity of leading financial advisor:

  • Acquisition of part of Burger King franchisee for South States;
  • Acquisition of Dinieper Máquinas by Arcil/Barry-Wehmiller (France/USA);
  • Merger of Construtora Brasil S.A. with Construtora Mota Engil (Portugal);
  • Acquisition of part of Hortifruti (food chain retailer in RJ) by a private equity fund managed by BR Investimentos;
  • Acquisition of Amacoco (“Kero-Coco” products) by Pepsico;
  • Acquisition of Leão Júnior (“Matte Leão” products) by The Coca-Cola Company;
  • Acquisition of RCT Serviços de Vulcanização by Veyance Technologies (Goodyear Engineered Products);
  • Acquisition of Real Comércio e Indústria de Bebidas (“RC Cola” products) by Nordeste Refrigerantes;
  • Acquisition of Sucos Mais by The Coca-Cola Company;
  • Acquisition of Refrigerantes Minas Gerais – REMIL (“Coca-Cola” products in Minas Gerais) by The Coca-Cola Company;
  • Acquisition of Trop Frutas do Brasil S.A. by Leão Bebidas;
  • Acquisition of Poltex S.A. (weaving) by a group of individual investors.

There are several other transactions carried out by RBG, concluded or currently under negotiations, that cannot be disclosed due to confidentiality agreements.