Excellence in the M&A market

RBG team has entrepreneurial and legal skills to lead merger and acquisition operations

RBG Consulting is a new company, incorporated in 2005 by the businessman Renato Barcellos Guimarães to render advisory services in the M&A market. As of that date, the founding partner was building a highly qualified career as officer of large corporations, which allowed him to hold executive positions in some of the most recognized economic groups in Brazil.

Professionalism and successful negotiations
The motivation behind the creation of RBG Consulting came from the substantial demand for financial advisory services with respect to the purchase and sale of companies.Due to his excellent educational background and experience in the area, Renato Barcellos Guimarães had been many times invited to offer advisory services to businessmen interested to sell their own business and to provide advisory services to investors searching for new markets. In view of the opportunity to employ his expertise on behalf of a future enterprise, the founding partner decided to combine his services with the “RBG” brand in order to transform it into a case of professionalism and success.

As of January 2008, Renato Barcellos Guimarães was exclusively dedicated to RBG by relinquishing his successful career in business administration in order to concentrate his efforts on this new enterprise. Since then, RBG has grown and expanded its customer portfolio and relationship network, which allowed the company to conduct new transactions and identify new investment opportunities, including by means of partnerships with service providers operating in the company’s and related market segments.

Legal knowledge
In September 2009, in view of such encouraging and greatly promising scenario, the partner Rafael Couto Guimarães started to participate in the company’s day-to-day activities, by contributing with his expertise and legal background to M&A transactions.

RBG is geared up for the future by believing that expertise, transparency and creativity are the tools that will provide itself a key position in its market at all times.